On Day 19, Élodie, Leila and Sara face the public vote. De son côté, Stefano a également publié des photos. Members. On Day 15, Leila and Sara's nomination immunity was revoked by Julie and Geoffrey which protected clues on their secrets. ^Note 14 : After being up for eviction along Sacha, Julie and Aymeric, Leila was evicted for fake and therefore joined the Secret Room. Stef Lal is on Facebook. Aymeric and Nathalie, Leila and Sacha, Jessica and Stéfan, Sara and Steph, Vivian and Julie. Only Leila and Julie vote for the return of the two housemastes. On adore ! They must change of identity and convince the main house's contestants to accept their entry in the house at the end of the week. Nadège Lacroix. This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 10:39. To protect their secret, Nathalie and Vivian had the possibility to take Sara's nomination for one of them. He must provide services and be useful to housemates and taking money away from their pots. Depuis deux mois, Nadège Lacroix est en couple avec Stefano, un entrepreneur genevois de 35 ans. Nadège danse pour Thomas, et celui n'en manque pas une miette ! He decided to nominate Sara by giving her a fake immunity. On Day 12, Geoffrey and Iliesse face the public vote. PAGE FAN POUR LES FANS On Night 7, La Voix decided to show to the main house contestants, the week of the impostors in the House of Imposters. Later, as they were chosen by the housemates, Aymeric and Leila had a dilemma to choose between Stéfan and Sara to enter the house, they chose Stéfan. Et tout se passe très bien, ainsi que l’a confié la gagnante de Secret Story 6 à nos confrères. The team of Geoffrey's team won. Nadège Lacroix affiche ses EX qui ont profité de son argent ! On Day 18, La Voix punished Élodie who revealed her secret to Joanna. Son salaire révélé ! Nadège Dubospertus au défilé Christian Lacroix, Prêt-à-Porter, collection Printemps-été 1992 à Paris en octobre 1991, France. New posts Latest activity. Geoffrey became the swindler of the House of Secrets. Après avoir vécu une longue relation avec Nicolas, la jeune femme a vécu une idylle très courte avec Kevin Guedj puis avec un certain Yoni rencontré dans La Villa des Coeurs Brisés. Stefan Zvezda is on Facebook. This video is unavailable. Forgot account? On y voit la belle et son chéri, en mode selfie dans un ascenseur. . Nadège et Roupie sur Instagram (lacroixnadege) Mehr von Nadège Lacroix pour des Infos auf Facebook anzeigen On Day 5, Abdel was ejected for violence towards Vivian. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Search titles only. Née le 30 juin 1986 en Suisse, Nadège Lacroix est une actrice connue des Français principalement grâce à sa participation à Secret Story. Main house chose Sacha, little house chose Nathalie. Ursula Corbero (La Casa de Papel) : en couple, elle montre une photo hilarante de son petit ami, Marine El Himer : contactée par Tyga, elle montre leur conversation, Covid-19 : Noël ‘ne sera pas une fête normale’ prévient le ministre de la Santé, Maeva Ghennam : trahie par Alix ? si vous m'avez aimer likez la page <3 secret story6-----> SECRET:faux frére et soeur avec Thomas It started on Friday 18 July 2014 on TF1. Et vous, que pensez-vous de son nouveau chéri ? Then, Sara and Steph could nominate Jessica but all the housemates money would be divided by two. Therefore, Élodie is nominated. They must act like if they were mother and son to avoid possible suspicions about their secret. ^Note 15 : Jessica becomes another Leila's complice and is aware Leila is still in the house. Join Facebook to connect with Stefan Zvezda and others you may know. À lire aussi : Jessica Thivenin : combien gagne-t-elle pour les Marseillais ? Each house had to elect a "leader" of their house. ^Note 18 : In week 8, nominations were cancelled as Aymeric and Sara were ejected. Finally, Nathalie and Vivian had the possibility to save one of them, but clues of their secret would be revealed to the house. New posts Search forums. For the first time, this season's house is located on the rooftop of the studios of AB Productions which was used in the 1990s where many popular sitcoms were filmed, as Hélène et les Garçons and Premiers baisers. Il s’appelle Stefano et Nadège semble être folle amoureuse. ^Note 5 : In order to destroy clues on their secrets, Julie and Geoffrey accepted to remove the immunity of Sara and Leila for nominations of week 3. It was said Benjamin Castaldi will only host the live shows and not the daily recaps anymore, unlike previous seasons [2] and that La Voix (Big Brother) will voice off the daily recaps,[3] but it was revealed at the press release that Benjamin Castaldi would still host daily recaps and that nothing changes compared to previous seasons. 524 people like this. He must remain secret until La Voix reveals it on Day 32. On Day 5, Stéfan had to change for a few minutes his identity to "Matt", a fictitious character, and must convince the housemates to select him as an official contestant on Day 8. ^Note 2 : As Abdel was ejected on Day 5 by La Voix for inappropriate behavior, nominations were canceled. On Day 16, La Voix gave a one-week secret mission to Geoffrey. ^Note 10 : In the room of shields, Stéfan had to give a fake immunity to one of his fellow housemate while it is a nomination. Parmi les commentaires, on peut lire : « Une bombe ton boyfriend. Search forums. ». On Day 11, female housemates were competing for the title of. On Day 1, Aymeric had to change for a few minutes his identity to "Vince", a fictitious character, and must convince the housemates to select him as an official contestant on Day 8. Due to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, this season is shortened and lasted 10 weeks. It was confirmed the finale is on Friday 26 September 2014 at 10:45 p.m. Leila Ben Khalifa, ex contestant of Grande Fratello 6, is the winner of Secret Story 8. ^Note 3 : Housemates had to choose two imposters to enter the house, male housemates must choose between Sara and Leila and female housemates must choose between Aymeric and Stéfan. ^Note 17 : Vivian, as a nominee, had then to choose 2 housemates to win immunity. Pour preuve, voici une photo aperçue sur son compte Instagram. But, Aymeric and Julie could replace Jessica and Leila with Nathalie and Vivian. Voici une page pour suivre l'actualité de Nadège Lacroix He chose to face the public vote instead of Sara. Sara and Jessica were not eligible to save one of them as they were nominated. Sections of this page. Due to Abdel's ejection, this week's nominations were canceled. On Day 8, female housemates chose Aymeric to enter the house, male housemates chose Leila. She accepted. They accepted, Nathalie and Vivian therefore became the nominees. Nadége Lacroix. All the housemates have to save one of them. ^Note 8 : As a revenge for manipulating male housemates to nominate Leila, this latter had opportunity to nominate Jessica. ^Note 6 : Élodie revealed her secret and therefore is nominated. Home. Jessica, Steph, Julie, Sacha and Vivian in the main house and Sara, Nathalie, Aymeric and Leila in the little house. «Cette relation me fait grandir, m'assagit, me rend plus sûre de moi. Watch Queue Queue On Day 7, Julie was elected "investigator of the week" by the viewers and was able to try to expose someone's secret. Nathalie and Vivian did the most convincing imitation according to La Voix (Big Brother) and shared €2000. Nadège Lacroix in Petit-Lancy - Handelsregister, Bonitätsprüfung, Management, Kennzahlen, Kontakt und News On Day 8, Leila and Aymeric must choose between Stéfan and Sara to enter the house, they selected Stéfan that later received a dilemma to choose to take Sara's place to face the public vote, then all the imposters would be immune for nominations or let Sara face the public vote. On Day 8, Geoffrey must create a choir in the house of secrets, the lyrics must be intended for Jessica. See actions … By: Search Advanced search… New posts. Nadege Lacroix attends the "Yomeddine" premiere during the 17th Marrakech International Film Festival on December 6, 2018 in Marrakech, Morocco. ^Note 16 : During the live show, the red phone his apparition, all the housemates had to pass the phone to another and the last one who received it was nominated. Menu. The garden has a floating pool and for the first time in Secret Story's history a jacuzzi, a small terrace with a large table for breakfasts and dinners. Contact Nadège Lacroix pour des Infos on Messenger . Later, Stéfan received a dilemma, if he accepts to pick Sara's place to face the public vote, all the imposters (Aymeric, Leila, Sara and Stéfan) are immune. Oui, l’ex-candidate de télé-réalité a enfin trouvé l’amour. Gefällt 525 Mal. Cette page est une page FAN. Secret Story 8 is the eighth season of the French reality television series Secret Story, a show which is based loosely on the international Big Brother format. On Day 6, Aymeric and Sara went at a different time of the day, to the. On Day 12, housemates had to do imitations of each other. 326 likes. Join Facebook to connect with Audrey Zarif and others you may know. NADÈGE LACROIX ET LUQ HAMETT: CIEL MA BELLE MÈRE - Duration: 13:58. un oeil sur les people 1,075 views. She chose Jessica and Stéph but did not find their secret. La Voix announced to the Imposters that out of four, only two of them will enter the house on Day 8. Nadège Lacroix is an actress, known for Hollywood Girls (2012), Sous le soleil de Saint-Tropez (2013) and La villa des coeurs brisés (2016). Upload Leaks. sixth season of the Italian version of Big Brother, "Benjamin Castaldi reste sur TF1 et présentera "Secret Story 8, "Secret Story 8 : Les premières indiscrétions...", "Abdel a été exclu du jeu pour avoir eu des propos et un geste agressif vis-à-vis de Vivian", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Secret_Story_(French_season_8)&oldid=985856317, Articles with French-language sources (fr), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "We are imposters" (with Aymeric, Sara and Stéfan), "We married at Las Vegas to enter on Secret Story" (with Stéphane), "We are imposters" (with Leila, Sara and Stéfan), "We are imposters" (with Leila, Aymeric and Stéfan), "We married at Las Vegas to enter on Secret Story" (with Jessica), "We are imposters" (with Leila, Sara and Aymeric), "The story of my life generated 20 millions of entries in the box office", "The story of my life generated 20 millions of entries in box office" (Abdel), "We are imposters of the House of Secrets (Aymeric, Leila, Sara and Stéfan)", "I was born under anonymous childbirth" (Élodie), "I've been missing for more than a year" (Sacha), "I am the mole of Internet users" (Geoffrey), "We married at Las Vegas to enter on Secret Story (Steph and Jessica), "I lived a romance with Michael Jackson" (Joanna), On Day 0, Jessica and Steph had 24 hours to create a common secret at. Upload media Wikipedia: Date of birth: 30 June 1986 Geneva: Country of citizenship: Switzerland; Occupation: actor; Authority control Q3335003 IMDb ID: nm5552820.