Il a également talonné Arnold Schwarzenegger pour le titre de Mr. Olympia 1975, après sêtre classé troisième en 1972, 1973 et 1974. I must say that I admire the effort that you put into your body day after day to get into the best shape possible. “HOW IS IT POSSIBLE FOR SOMEONE TO TRAIN THAT MUCH”. He would just train even harder and longer. In fact, you will find very few modern competitors who repeat these kinds of sessions. Especially if you are a natural lifter. So I either tended to do them before the main session or give them an entire session to themselves. I always tell people to become the best version of yourself. There is a lot of volume to his training, which if you are not used to will get hard very quickly until the body adapts. I just don’t think people were ready back than for his physique. It definitely helps that I really enjoy my training and the eating side of things. Serge Nubret workout routine is the complex he did all exercises with high.. I dont plan on using his cycle Marcus, just curious. This may be down to the fact I stick to Serge’s rules like clockwork. When doing this routine I love the fact I don’t have any problem with my joints. I really enjoyed your article about Serge. Serge was a genius. Although we may not be able to rob him of his genetics, you can still attempt his style of training and listen to your body. I really did not heard about this guy but he looks amazing. Many of you core enthusiasts will not have enjoyed reading that. nécessaire], Mr. Univers (1976) et Mr. World (1977). Serge Nubret's Steroid Cycle. Thanks for taking the time to read my article. But I really like your site and it looks like you have some really great stuff, and will be looking around here now for some tips on how to get pounds off and tone up as fast and as healthy as I can (I’m going to Hawaii in December and what a nice beach bod   ). His career stretched over the 60s, 70s and early 80s. You are bang on with your comment. Sujet: Re: Serge Nubret Mer 4 Mai - 14:58 personnellement, je préfère mourir à 73 ans en étant relativement en bon état que de tirer en longueur jusque 85 ans en bavant et en faisant dans mon froc dans une maison de repos, tout en oubliant peu à peu les choses que j'ai faite durant ma vie . I think a lot of the people who moan about overtraining either use it as an excuse not to train hard or are lacking in diet and sleep. His routine is insane and I doubt too many bodybuilders now days could follow it. I’m a qualified health and fitness coach and have been helping clients achieve their dream bodies for 15 years. You are right the dedication bodybuilders had back than was of the highest level. The late Serge Nubret, in my opinion, is the most aesthetically pleasing bodybuilder of all time. I did not know Serge idolized Steve Reeves and honored him with a lifetime achievement award. If anyone has any knowledge please post, thanks guys! Serge said he never counted calories or macros or even followed any type of specific diet. He had a chest matched by no one and a set of abs that all other bodybuilders could only aspire to. I love the simplicity of his routine, albeit his reps were insane lol I think it’s important sometimes to take a look at people in history and what they did to achieve the success that they did. That’s dedication my friend. In fact, this period of time will always be the golden era in my eyes and I wish the sport would return back to this, but that’s another story in its entirety. I’m not going lie, I am extremely jealous . Cutting it with about 25% 100/ml short or 250/ml longs went a long way in calming that shit down. Although we all have different genetics and some will cope better than others. At the beginning when starting out on the program you may judge your weights wrong and reach failure before completing all the sets, but this is just the trial and error side of things when starting out. » Serge Nubret est mort ! That takes someone who is extremely committed and dedicated to his sport/art. Serge Nubret diet had high protin and low carb that helped him in bodybuilding. Il est très clair la raison de sa mort, mais selon les versions considérées seraient les plus fiables une tumeur. Serge Nubret, né le 6 octobre 1938 à Anse-Bertrand, nord de la Grande-Terre (Guadeloupe), mort le 19 avril 2011 [1], [2] à Pierrefitte-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis), est un culturiste français. Issu d’une famille aisée, champion de France universitaire au lancer de poids à seulement 18 ans, il est fasciné par le physique du comédien Steve Reeves. Whether you are looking to get beach body ready, compete in a bodybuilding show or simply to improve your confidence and wellbeing, I can help. However, don’t quote me on this is just something I had seen. As I said in my previous post I try to do everything possibe for maximum muscle gains. 100% not for the lazy minded. You are so right,  Just missing out to Arnie was extremely harsh. This would often include a lot of horse meat and some rice. Many thanks! This was an amazing article about Serge Hunter and his work out routine. I personally am able to do this style of training for long periods of time but we are all different of course and if you are not improving then it clearly isn’t working for you. You are so right in what you say. Beaucoup se moque… I know my best friend is working out and getting back into muscle building and I will certainly share this with him to see if he’s seen this routine before from Serge. Don’t get me wrong they still have to work hard but when people claim to be natural and you know they are not, its so misleading. Heck, this might be something I want to get into as I want to improve my calves, but more importantly, my upper body. « C’était le pape du culturisme, celui qui avait fait vaciller de son I think based on the dedication he put into his body (with that herculean routine) the proof was in the pudding. Hi, I’m David and I believe absolutely anyone can achieve the body of their dreams. These at some points would be 30 seconds only between sets. You would be surprized how long some of those guys had been working out when they showed up at contest.Frank zane said he statred body building in the late 1950's,and he won his first Mr Olympia in 1977,he spend many years polishing his Physique.Yes they didnt use near as much, Where the AAS used injectables or tablets? He would just eat when he needed to. He most certainly did. Thanks for the reply Marcus, I read somewhere on the web that he is all natural? I wouldn't use anything like at my age anyway. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Even just the notion that he achieved this naturally is very inspirational. I say lower volume but I don’t mean less intense or easier sessions. Thank you for your comment. Well, it doesn’t get any better. Like you I get great results from using Serge’s high volume approach and I had no problem recovering from it. Whoa! The rest of us just have to work at it. The reasons he never went to failure on any set, was it allowed him to put the volume in needed to grow new muscle and it also allowed him to train with a high frequency due to the reduced stress on the nervous system. It may be a case you try his methods until you stop seeing considerable improvements than go back to a lower volume approach. I could ramble on about old school training all day with you lol Hope your training is going well. I wouldn’t surprise me though as Serge was a complete machine and had the ability to keep going and going. This naturally would have kept him in a calorie deficit, which meant he was never far off his competition weight and physique all year round. Ab crunches are not the most functional movement in the world but it is by far the best way of directly targeting those muscles. Below is the training layout he recommended. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody knew any knowledge on Sarge Nubret steroid cycle/s. La méthode Serge Nubret Son secret a lui, c’est le volume de ses entraînements. His work effort was insane though and that’s one thing I love about him. nécessaire] , Mr Univers ( 1976 ) et Mr World ( 1977 ). Week 2 – Sets 1 and 2 at 70kg – sets 3,4 and 5 at 75kg – sets 6, 7 and 8 at 70kg, Week 3 – Set 1 at 70kg – sets 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 at 75kg – set 8 at 70kg, Week 4 – All 8 sets of 12 reps done at 75kg. Some people believed he must have been taking pharmaceutical enhancing drugs. We will, of course, all have our own opinions on this. I will be sharing this with some of my friends who are very much into bodybuilding and everything that has to do to stay fit. He used to eat up to 4lbs of horse meat in one sitting, and would sometimes add in some rice when he felt he needed it. I’ve had 400mg test E that was seriously PiP free. I really appreciate your kind words. Your question can't be answered, it doesnt matter anyway but they did use alot less than todays BB's but steroids are not what built him his genetics did. I am looking to compete in the next few months so currently dropping body fat nice and steady. He is one of the guys I looked up to along with Arnold, Lou and Franco during the seventies when I began lifting weights and eventually bodybuilding. Back in Serge’s era, the physiques were more aesthetic, compact and the symmetry they managed to achieve was insane. Yeah he definitely had a great body! I react extremely well to it and never find myself at a point of CNS fatigue from doing it even though it involves a lot of volumes. Often I advise people not to drop the reps but to start with slightly lower amount of sets. Serge Nubret Son Histoire:Serge Nubret est né le 6 octobre 1938 à Anse-Bertrand, Guadeloupe. Week 1 – All 8 sets of 12 reps completed at 70kg without failing. I had read somewhere that on leg day, he would sometime actually start with leg extensions and do up to 20 sets of 25 reps. I did – 30lbs to my frame in 6 months – I even got accused from friends and family about steroid abuse (never touched it). I agree it is hard, but it is worth it. Although many of the greats in that era trained using a high volume approach, none used the same approach as Serge Nubret. Yeah the work Serge Nubret had to put in, to achieve his physique was immense. Regardless though his physique and achievements were insane. Maybe that’s my age lol. He kept it simple and did both a standing and seated raise after workouts 2, 3, 5 and 6. I personally like to increase the weight of a couple of the middle sets first. Quoiqu'on en dise, ça a été un des grands Messieurs du BB mondial ! My experience of Nubret’s routine started almost 3 years ago, after wasting years on heavy weight low volume routines and also the nonsense of HIT/Dorian yates style training, I found this, and i was determined to gains size. » M’apprit-il d’un air navré. Né en 1938 en Guadeloupe, rien ne destinait Serge Nubret à devenir bodybuilder. I never use it though. ... Yeap, this is what I ended up having to do with my aforementioned 300/ml of shorts. In that era of bodybuilding the majority of them ate a high protein, moderate fat and low carb diet, than would splurge one day in the one. It’s important to enjoy what you do, otherwise, it can become a huge chore, which makes it impossible to stick to your plans. Although it’s not how I train all the time,  I do throw this program in the mix for extended periods of time as well. LOL Usually articles about Serge Nubret’s training make me rage and I have to post corrections and inform the ‘overtraining’ crowd how training used to be for literally everyone back then. WOW that work out schedule is insane. Quoiqu'on en dise, ça a été un des grands Messieurs du BB mondial ! [2] Voici ce que déclare Serge Nubret dans son livre autobiographique Je suis… moi et Dieu : « Je pus néanmoins mesurer assez rapidement que, contrairement aux apparences, mes 12 premières années d’ « apprentissage » à la Guadeloupe m’avaient plutôt bien préparé à endurer les bouleversements auxquels j’étais soudain confronté au quotidien. However, I do tend to consistently get injuries when I stay with the heavy stuff for too long now. Even if you don’t I really wanted to write this article about a true legend in my eyes. But everyone is different and just see how your body responds. Copyright 2000 - 2018 | Bodybuilding Supersite, Serge Nubret, l’un des plus grands culturistes français s’est éteint. This is a very extensive and very detailed routine. With all the instagram models in perfect shape, giving you the impression you can look like them is so demoralizing. Serge Nubret, né le 6octobre1938à Anse-Bertrand(Guadeloupe), mort le 19avril2011,à Pierrefitte-sur-Seine(Seine-Saint-Denis), est un culturisteet acteur de cinéma français. I’m curious though, did Serge have a specific diet he was on while following this routine? I really appreciate you sharing my article with your friends as well. No wonder he had those muscles. I think maybe Serge just had good genes. People in fear of overtraining will most probably be shouting at the screen right at this very moment. It was often reported, that Serge only used to eat twice a day and he didn’t follow any specifics. A la rentrée de la saison 1988-89, Serge est au plus mal, la descente aux enfers se poursuit, inexorable. They were extremely gruelling and time extensive. nécessaire], Mr. Univers(1976) et Mr. World (1977). Bodybuilding has changed a lot and the competitors of today now seek freakish amounts of muscle mass and eye-popping vascular conditioning. Some people with gifted genetics can be quite lazy. He was not only unique in his training methods but also in the way he ate. Was he just genetically gifted, did he take pharmaceuticals or was it just the sheer work he put in. Serge Nubret, né le 6 octobre 1938 à Anse-Bertrand (Guadeloupe), mort le 19 avril 2011 à Pierrefitte-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis), est un culturiste et acteur de cinéma français. They never tell you the truth on how they achieved their perfect bodies and manage to maintain them all year around. With all of the juicing etc., that’s going on these days, it’s hard to tell what is naturally achieved and what is enhanced. Biographie de Serge NUBRET - : découvrez sa filmographie, ses dernières news et photos. It was physiques that we could all aim to achieve. Entraînement, alimentation et autres secrets Serge Nubret a déclaré lors d'un entretien d'entraînement dans les années 1970 qu'il entraînait 30/40/50 sets par partie du corps (16 sets pour les bras) deux fois par semaine. In fact they are physiques I certainly wouldn’t want to have. Do you think it would of been similar to his at all? He did say, however, that when starting out, wake up and just do as many ab crunches as you can in one set and then stop after that. Dirigeant de fédération et acteur de cinéma, il a entre autres remporté les titres de Mr Europe ( 1970 ) [réf. I am guessing he didn’t have access to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts back then :-). I am not in the bodybuilder world but I like to train and get some muscles. Upon awakening, Serge would perform as many sit-ups as physically possible. The only issue with this is that sometimes adding extra weight to every set will rapidly work your muscles harder and you will most probably find yourself hitting failure very quickly. Would be nice if we could have a bit of his DNA to help us out :-). Serge Nubret est un culturiste, acteur de cinéma, auteur d’essai et dirigeant de fédération, né le 6 octobre 1938, en Guadeloupe, au nord de la Grande-Terre et mort le 19 avril 2011 à Seine-Saint-Denis. I can quite believe he took no steroids or other enhancements. But first remember the idea is not to actually reach failure on any set. I like how you have all the workouts orgaznized in hours and repitions. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aadfdf90a7f291b7526edeb44846c00c" );document.getElementById("ia3cf10c2c").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Copyright © 2020 | All Rights Reserved |, Click here to see our list of the best 14 amino acid supplements you can buy, Click here to see our list of the best 10 protein bars you can buy, Click here to see our list of the best 7 whey protein supplements you can buy, Detox Organics Review 2020 (The Tastiest Superfood Ever), How To Build Huge Shoulders (Your Blueprint For Quick Gains). I love speaking to people who have knowledge of the golden era. I tell you what after 5 weeks of following this I felt drained, but I carried on and another couple of weeks down the line I felt fine again and carried on improving. I’m no spring chicken, but I know even in my youth I would not have been able to even attempt it. Your article is really relevant because I have found the principle of working different body zones through the week has helped avoid injury, which I was very prone to. This guy was a machine! I had not really thought of it in terms of “fashion.” You are right though, there was a tendency for physiques to be more attractive and balanced in the 70s and 80s. Gigantesque. I loved bit lou. Bodybuilding is what they lived for. How many years did he actually work in professional bodybuilding, Do you know if the rumor is true whether he use pharmaceutically enhanced drugs. Yeah Serge definitely had the help of some great genetics. liens externes Serge Nubret… Serge Nubret, né le 6 octobre 1938 à Anse-Bertrand (Guadeloupe), mort le 19 avril 2011, à Pierrefitte-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis), est un culturiste français. C’est d’ailleurs ce modèle qui va l’encourager à franchir la porte de sa première salle de musculation. I will show you an example down below. Pretty cool. Dirigeant de fédération et acteur de cinéma, il a entre autres remporté les titres de Mr. Europe (1970) [réf. It can be done much quicker. Il a entrainé quelques personnes avec sa méthode, dont Bruno Bigoin, Bernard Issogola. I am not expecting everyone to drop their current routines in favour of this, but at least you now have a proven method done by the most aesthetic bodybuilder of all time if you feel like changing things up. Training is going really well at the moment thanks. The amount of volume and reps he used to get through was bordering on insanity. Crazy I know. Incline Dumbbell flyes – 6 sets of 12 reps, Lat Pull Down Behind The Neck – 8 sets of 12 reps, Lat Pull Down To The Front – 6 sets of 12 reps, Barbell Bent Over Rows – 6 sets of 12 reps, Behind The Neck Press – 8 sets of 12 reps, Dumbbell Front Raise (Alternate) – 6 sets of 12 reps. En mars 2009, Nubret est entré dans le coma et est resté dans un état végétatif persistant jusqu'à sa mort le 19 avril 2011, à l'âge de 72 ans. As you can gather, I am not in the spring of youth but training for a better body is so important to how I feel. But, in most cases it is like mentioned, loaded with solvent - I wonder if it has EO Anyway thank you for your replies. Going to try and get to my full natural potential. . Hi David, Anyone with a weightlifting ego won’t do well with this program. Serge Nubret always recommended a 6 day split to young and aspiring bodybuilders. Avec Serge Nubret, le torchon brûle à la WABBA, le président Ben Weider propose à KAWAK de venir renforcer les rangs de l'IFBB. P.S : Ayons une petite pensée pour Serge Nubret qui n'est apparamment pas très en forme. Sujet: Re: Serge Nubret Lun 20 Avr - 11:01 Il a toujours énormement forcé sur les produits d'après les on-dit, il est juste exceptionnellement resistant, et vraiment très gaté génétiquement, y a qu'à voir ce qu'il faisait comme diète (il avait parlé à une époque d'un repas/jour le soir il me semble) et le volume d'entrainement pour comprendre. The routine certainly takes a bit of getting used to. 4 to 5 sets rather than 6 to 8. Yeah he had really gifted genetics to start with so with his work ethic I may have been possible to achieve un assisted. Thanks for all the replies. Thanks for sharing! The 1970s were known as the golden era of bodybuilding. He would do no less than 6 sets per movement and always aimed to do 12 reps a set over 4 to 5 exercises per session. His physique is great. The idea is each day is to add more and more reps as you get stronger. (0 members and 1 guests), You’d hate even worse to need it and not have it. La lutte est terrible; pourtant en super forme Assez rapidement, il … Hello everyone, I was wondering if anybody knew any knowledge on Sarge Nubret steroid cycle/s. The Serge Nubret diet is all about to high protein and cut carbohydrates, while competing.while competing. Dirigeant de fédération, il a entre autres remporté les titres de Mr. Europe (1970)[réf. And you are also right being shunned time after time by the IBF was never going to be good for his career. Bodybuilders like Serge Nubret trained very differently to how modern bodybuilders train today. Although I am not a body builder, I am focussing on becoming much leaner and stronger. First of all I have to give my deepest respects to Serge because the guy has a training system that really works. Depends, Professional bodybuilding has really lost its way now and they are just mass monsters with un achievable physiques. Usually articles about Serge Nubret’s training make me rage and I have to post corrections and inform the ‘overtraining’ crowd how training used to be for literally everyone back then. I absolutely love this style of training. Son surnom est la « Panthère Noire ». Serge Nubret, né le 6 octobre 1938 à Anse-Bertrand (Guadeloupe), mort le 19 avril 20111,2 à Pierrefitte-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis), est un culturiste français. He also said even as a show was approaching he wouldn’t diet. This is where he would drop his usual 1 minute rest period down to just 30 seconds. Keep up the motivation, and expecting more. In my opinion his aesthetics were better than anybody else's & he looked the best. Très vite, il obtient des résultats hors du commun grâce à son potentiel génétique et sa grande force mentale. Than build them up. I think you sometimes have to go through a bit of paid and tiredness before the body will fully adapt. His goal was to pump up the muscles and keep them pumped throughout the workout by using a high volume approach, extended time under tension along with extremely short rest periods. His goal was always to get as much of a pump in the target muscle as possible using an extended time under We are all different and have different genetics and that is what we should truly be aiming for. I am sure the shelf life has expired. Although this is definitely an achievement in itself, it’s just not as pleasing to look at in my opinion. Serge Nubret, né le 6 octobre 1938 à Anse-Bertrand, nord de la Grande-Terre (Guadeloupe), mort le 19 avril 2011, à Pierrefitte-sur-Seine (Seine-Saint-Denis), est un culturiste français. nécessaire], Mr. Univers (1976) et Mr. World (1977). . I am pretty shocked that anyone wouldn’t experience CNS fatigue because the routine is so demanding, although I suppose the human body is geared towards adapting. I thought it was bogus until I got BW I would like to follow his training but will it work if I reduce a little reps? L’objectif, à chaque fois qu’il rentrait dans une salle, c’était d’avoir un maximum de pump dans le muscle visé. I can only imagine how much work is needed for such body. He ate what felt right for him. He would keep to exactly the same style of sets and reps, but every now and then throw in some heavy work on them. The golden era of bodybuilding was amazing. In my opinion his aesthetics were better than anybody else's & he looked the best. I too, wish they’d bring back body building—it is a lost art. Pour sa diète, c'était 70% de protéines, 20% de glucides et 10% As you get stronger you can increase the total volume over the week. Sujet: Re: Méthode d'entrainement Serge Nubret... Mer 13 Juin - 12:41 POur l'avoir déjà pratiquée, je vais te répondre assez simplement: pas top pour un athlète naturel, les entraînement sont trop longs, personnellement à l'époque j'avais perdu du volume assez vite (et pas du gras). Wow he used to trained for 5 hours a day? I have to admit I still mix in heavy low rep stuff every now and then. Dirigeant de fédération et acteur de cinéma, il a entre autres remporté les titres de Mr. Europe (1970)[réf. Because his body build is amazing. So are you wondering whether this type of program will work for you. I always keep a log of my sessions and if you are going to try this, you would definitely benefit from doing the same. I know this can't be true seen as he stood next to Arnold who was on juice. He was ripped off in that one. You will be aiming to pick a weight on each exercise in which you could to a max of around 20 reps with. Thank you for such an amazing comment. I do believe the solvents utilized to suspend gear definitely have a huge impact. I believe Serge would have won more titles, including Mr. Olympia over Arnold, had he not lost 12 pounds of muscle just prior to the contest. In terms of whether he took pharmaceuticals, no one will ever know, but you just have to hope he was honest about it as many bodybuilders back than were on them so he didn’t really have a reason to lie. It is difficult too tell because the haters usually have to put someone else down in order to make themselves feel better. Personally, my calves never improved just putting them at the end. Serge's training was unique, from the split he followed down to the rest periods he used and weight lifted. Hey David, Great informative article, you hit the nail on the head with many points. He did stick to very simple foods though. He has one heck of a routine and I’m very glad you shared the training layout that he did or recommended. So the simplist way would be to just add a small amount of extra weight to each set once it becomes comfortable. It’s so important you aid your recovery with the correct nutrition when following a routine like this one. Serge Nubret a tourné dans 25 films : Les Titans de Duccio Tessari (1961), Un condé d'Yves Boisset, (1970) ou encore Le Professionnel de Georges Lautner, (1981) avec Jean-Paul Belmondo. Well, Serge lived on a small island and claimed he had never even heard of them until after he was already at his best, and had a winning physique. His small waist, no bloat, his trim waist line & small joints & his muscles look incredible! Comme je ne réagissais pas, il accompagna l’information brute, d’une illustration plus accessible au béotien.

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